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At KPPM, strategy is hardwired into our DNA: we see simple solutions in complex situations. Over the past 20 years, we’ve helped more than 200 business, government and non-profit clients with:

  • Facilitation
  • Strategic plans
  • Cultural and change management
  • Business and marketing plans
  • Organisation restructures
  • Project management
  • Program reviews

We believe in bringing people along – and use sound change management principles so that there are ‘no surprises’ to upset implementation.

Sick of reports that don’t achieve much?

If you’ve got the answer, but no-one’s listening, you might consider having Kristine working with your team from the inside to manage change. It’s surprising how quickly things turn around when there’s a independent person who’s paying attention to the change process.

Talk to us about our experience managing cultural change and restructures – you might be on the right track quicroadker than you think.

Simplicity out of complexity

Engaging people

Reports that make a difference

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It’s hard to see solutions from the inside

That’s where an informed objective view can make a real difference. But you need more than ‘opinion’, you need to know that the perspectives you’re hearing are based on experience, facts and proven outcomes. We’ve been untangling organisational knots for over 20 years. There’s not much we haven’t seen. We know what makes people tick – how they will react, and what you can do to create win-win solutions.

Changing attitudes, abilities, direction

We specialise in ‘sticky situations’, where people need to listen, change, move forward. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a difficult staff situation, an unruly crowd, or bringing everyone along with a good strategy – we’re good at people: they like us, they listen and they get involved. Our work is as varied as engaging mineral exploration stakeholders, developing communications strategies, facilitating public meetings, or helping boards find clear direction. With Kristine’s Socially Embedded Leadership model as a foundation, we have helped small towns across South Australia to envigorate their economies and create opportunity.

Clear, effective, communication

We write well. Our written reports are attuned to their audience, provide context, direction and explanation – and we always provide clarity about “what to do on Monday”. Our work includes development of the communications messages (e.g. Plastic Bag Phase-Out), reviews of a myriad of programs and projects, development of an action-learning Diploma of Management targeted at SMEs, and grants, tenders and newsletters. Have a look at our Services page for examples.

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