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Project Management





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Converting ideas to workable plans



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We live projects

How can you pick a good project manager?

  • Communication, communication, communication
  • Deadline focus: nag early or lament late
  • Plan, record, review, plan
  • Delegate and support
  • Making it fun

two decades of experience

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We’ve been developing, managing and reviewing projects for three decades and have won State and National Awards as both ‘internal’ and ‘external’ project managers.

arrowsKristine’s strategic advice is always followed by a project plan “how will you implement, and how will you know you’ve done it well?”.

In her spare time, she’s been using a Strategic Planning and Projects approach to the economic development of her home town Hallett – resulting in a stream of grants, increasingly ambitious projects, and the growth of the community management committee into a skilled and cohesive project team.

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One and all through PREXY

Port River Expressway Bridges Opening Regime

Kristine worked with the Port River Expressway team to achieve a successful negotiation of the opening times and arrangements with the marine, rail and road transport sectors. These arrangements continue to function well.




In the mid 2000s there were a gazillion separate indicators in a range of disconnected sources – so it was a huge task accessing statistics that told a useful story about a council area or region. DTED and the LGA joined forces with the Australian Bureau of Statistics to set up EasyData, a one-site source of regional indicators. Kristine was the external project manager, and together with a fantastic Local, State and Commonwealth Government team, we conceptualised, built, tested and launched EasyData in exactly six months. EasyData has been superceded by the ABS’ census on tablebuilder.

layers of capacity

Community Builders

Kristine managed the State Government’s
Community Builders and
Building Positive Rural Futures programs from 2003 to 2010, working with over 100 small rural communities. Community Builders is a beautiful model, which generates connections, skills and initiative to allow small communities to bootstrap their own development. Most towns that participated in these programs are still ‘punching above their weight’.

We developed the Community Builders concept into SOCIALLY EMBEDDED LEADERSHIP – illustrated here in our Building Layers of capacity explanation model.


Plastic Bag Phase Out Communication Messages

Zero Waste SA was responsible for the phase-out of single use plastic shopping bags in South Australia. KPPM was engaged to identify the messages that would appeal to retailers and the public to make a smooth transition.

We ran focus groups with shoppers and retailers across the state, and found that South Australians understand the need to be ‘green’ (so this wasn’t necessary in the message), and people simply needed a reminder to ‘take your own bag’. We also found that retailers were concerned about their staff being blamed for the change – hence the counter-top signs ‘please don’t bag us’.


CPA Member of the Future

In the early 1990s CPA Australia was experiencing a slowing of membership from Gen Ys. KPPM was engaged to investigate and recommend a turn-around strategy.

We conducted focus groups with young members, uni students and high school students across the country and discovered that young people wanted a more responsive professional development system, leadership opportunities, and repositioning of the CPA designation as a highly desirable career opportunity.

CPA implemented our recommendations and experienced a rapid turnaround in GenY interest – resulting in record membership.



Over the past 20 years, Kristine has completed two significant qualifications – a Masters in Business Administration (Uni SA, 1996) and a Doctor of Philosophy (Flinders University, 2012). Both were significant projects in their own right – accomplished while running the business, bringing up children, moving house, and maintaining community involvement (notably Chair of the Adelaide Business Hub and the Hallett Community and Sports Association).

Why choose KPPM for your project? If we do this for entertainment – imagine what we can do when we’re paid!

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