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Kick off with a ‘starter strategy’ – one that focuses on:

  • Getting everyone heading in the right direction
  • Good communications
  • Setting up systems

Once the basics are in place, it’s time to go for the big vision!

Strategies can be done by two peopleIMG_1270

or 200!


Not sure what you need? Start here...

Strategic Plans

Here’s what can be achieved in a two hour planning session:

BCMC Strat Plan 2013-2014


Getting small towns moving

Hallett is a tiny town in South Australia’s mid north.
Its strategic plan is directional, motivating, inspirational:

HCSA Strategic Plan March 2013


Strategies for Regions

The Adelaide Hills Youth Strategy was a collaboration between Councils, RDA, State and Commonwealth Government and Service Providers. The process of developing the Strategy built stakeholder relationships – and the outcome helped to create ‘linked up thinking’ across the region.

Adelaide Hills Youth Strategy 2012-2017


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