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We believe in bringing people along,

building skills, developing capacity.

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The parallel process: direction and understanding

If you’ve worked with us, you know we don’t just help you know what to do, we teach you the processes behind the thinking. We call it the parallel process

We believe it’s more important that you know how to do it yourself than hiring us to do it for you. This isn’t pure altruism, we’d rather come back when you’ve successfully implemented this step, and help you move to the next level. It’s more fun for us, and it’s a lot more productive for you.

This philosophy is the basis of Kristine’s thesis, which investigated the mechanisms by which we shift attitudes and behaviour. Kristine found that there are two parallel processes: knowing the thing, and teaching others about the thing. The knowing and teaching cycle reinforces learning as an active and overt process. Once we’re good learners, we’re more adaptable and innovative. Simple but effective.

Clarity and capability

A big part of our work is helping business make descisions and set direction.

It’s difficult to see a clear strategy when you’re intimately involved. That’s the benefit of bringing in someone who’s objective. We ask the dumb questions – why do you do it like this? It doesn’t take long for us to see clear options, and to help you decide which of the options is best for your current situation.

Once you know what do do – how to do it is easy. We’ll help you develop a strategy for implementation – chances are it will build upon your existing skills, stretching you and your team so that they achieve far more than they previously imagined.

Course design and delivery

Kristine has been working closely with the Adelaide Business Hub to design and deliver action-learning Diplomas of Management specifically suited to small business owners. These courses have been acclaimed by participating businesses:

  • Challenging and satisfying
  • Practical learning
  • Sharing ideas
  • Developing the business
  • On-going alumni activities
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